Relationships: the wah, the eh & the meh

Hey guys, after a long hiatus the blog is finally back!

Today we’ll be exploring the different types of relationships we see on a day-to-day. Think you’ve seen it all? Keep reading!

First we have:

  1. The lovebirds lovenerds

    “Ah girl, you see you keep dating that Jonathan boy ah, you no time for studies already! Last time your SPM result all A, now got boyfriend your marks all 60 something! I tell you, you better break up with him…”

    … the statement lovenerds don’t want to have with their parents, EVER. In order to counter that argument, they have decided that they will not get together at the expense of their grades. This means Baillieu dates every day after school, caffeine shots instead of tequila shots, and LectureCapture binge > Neftlix binge.

    Quotes that lovenerds live by - "Because we are together, we also get H1 together!”

  2. The PDA-ers

    PDA stands for public display of affection, which quickly becomes a public display of hate and disgust directed towards them from the people surrounding.

    And no, PDA haters are not salty. It’s because PDA is really gross, ESPECIALLY in an educational setting. Think this- a couple whispering in the library with their faces about 0.00376cm apart, the guy kisses the girl’s ear and twirls her hair, the girl can’t stop giggling. GUY, you’re only messing up her hair. GIRL, you’ve been laughing about the way he spelt “receivables” as “recievables” for 20 minutes, he ain’t cute he just stupid.

Also how is there no rule for strictly no making out on campus, IN PUBLIC??

3. The “WhaT- You guys are together???”

Some couples keep it SO lowkey, the big reveal only happens on one of their birthdays, or on Valentines Day. The guy from engineering you thought was single this whole time now has a cute girlfriend, and that’s just great because now you feel even worse about yourself.

* Tinder binge swipes for 6 hours*


4. The 𝓊𝓅𝓅𝑒𝓇𝒸𝓁𝒶𝓈𝓈 **

That friend who gets an angmo boyfriend/ girlfriend.

““ Lah who? I’m going to have cute halfie babies with like, a hyphenated surname like “Walters-Lee” and a hipster first name like Kym or Kombucha and no one can stop me. ““

**Just kidding they’re not ACTUALLY upperclass ok, it’s just a tease in case anyone comes at me for white supremacy).


5. The Basically Married

Live together, check.

Gone on a summer trip together an it “really changed us as a couple”, check.

Cook for each other on alternate nights (more than just pasta!), check.

Is home 25/7, only wears pyjamas, check.

This couple is usually super duper cute and most of the time, high school sweethearts or the couple you’ve shipped since first year and “knew they would get together someday”.

6. The Moving Too Fast

Soooo the guy your best friend half mentioned of during your weekly catch up brunch is now her lock screen.


As you struggle to recover from the shock, you hear her mutter in the background “…but he’s vegetarian, so I’m not sure how the meals are gonna work out at the wedding dinner then…”


Before you know it, half of your Facebook friends are friends with the guy as well, and she’s met the parents. Meanwhile, you’re still trying to pronounce his last name.

Aaand that concludes the end of the post!! Stay tuned for the next one :)