Semester Recap

With a hectic semester behind us, it’s finally time to have a well-deserved break to recharge for the rest of the year. Whether this was your very first term in Melbourne, or the beginning of the end of your Bachelors, each semester is a new adventure each time. MoMU hopes that despite the stress of juggling your academics, health, and social life, you have a sense of accomplishment, because you should be proud of what you’ve achieved the past few months, as MoMU has as well.

MoMU kicked off the year with the Freshers Trip for all the newbies to Melbourne, to give them a brief look at the city and help them get to know their fellow students – with free food along the way. The Welcome BBQ was another of the introductory events hosted, aimed at helping new and returning students make some new connections and help to broaden their social circle. Board Games Night promptly threatened to break those fledgling friendships, with some games becoming competitive, but thankfully in a genial environment.

Next, the annual MoMU Race, which boasted a total of $700 in cash prizes this year, sent teams running (quite literally) all over Melbourne City, completing tasks in a race to come in first place. Always a stupendous undertaking, MoMU Race was easily the biggest event held yet, but was far from the largest one yet to come. Following the trend of active events was Archery War, a new event this year held at Melbourne University’s very own hockey pitch. Armed with bows, members took out their frustrations in a healthy manner whilst having a great time.

This year’s Night Market was Egyptian-themed, and the booth was decked out in blues and golds, offering local delights such as teh Tarik and … Sales were brisk and the line stretched far as runners hustled steaming hot food to the booth, ready for the hungry customers. The star event for this semester was MoMU’s Easter Camp, a retreat for members to forget their worries about anything for a short while as they enjoyed the company of each other in a serene campsite located out of the city. Surrounded by lush greenery and a variety of outdoor activities, MoMU’s annual Easter Camp came just in time for a welcome break from the stresses of university life.

It’s hard to top what MoMU’s Easter Camp offers, but we kept the momentum going with Bounce, another new event this year which let members experience all the fun of a gym filled with trampolines. Whether you wanted to execute fancy flips, or simply enjoy the arena, Bounce appealed even to those not-so athletically inclined. After flexing those physical muscles, Trivia Night let members flex their mental muscles over a friendly trivia competition in a small intimate group.

Wrapping up this semester was Captain Dodge and the Badminton Social, more physical activities to ensure our members didn’t feel too bogged down at the library with end-of-semester assignments. Getting to stretch a little on the pitch with some dodgeball, or in the court for a few friendly matches helped rejuvenate the players to finish the last stretch of the term, and to keep their spirits high.

It’s been a long semester, but MoMU hasn’t finished with you guys yet –MoMU’s annual Ski Trip is coming up fast, a chance for you guys to head out onto the slopes and show off your skills in the snow. Commencing in August, MoMU’s Ski Trip is 3 days and 2 nights of snow-filled wonder – and no worries if you haven’t tried skiing or snowboarding before, as there will be instructors to help you out. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the slopes, or a fresh face ready to learn, MoMU’s Ski Trip is a chance for you to leave the city and experience a bit of what Australia has to offer.

Featured Sponsors

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