MoMU Fresher's Trip Recap!

It's a tradition of MoMU's to start off a fresh new year with our famous MoMU Fresher’s Trip! This year's Fresher’s Trip was themed Fresh Off The Plane (kinda like FOTB but FOTP instead because a certain important person had a plan about boats *ahem Turnbull ahem*). 

Since MoMU is basically one big family, we’ve decided to take up the responsibilities of being the big brothers and sisters in the fam and brought newcomers around town and showed them the ropes.

So on Saturday (24th March) a bunch of us met up at University Square at 10am and started off the day by forming groups and getting to know each other with some ice-breakers! (I mean what’s the point of meeting the family when you don’t know the members, right?).

After new friendships were formed, we walked down Lygon Street to the Royal Exhibition Building, making sure that all freshers are familiar with where their exams are held (and where their nightmares are formed).

After letting the freshers familiarize themselves with their worst nightmare, our next stop was lunch at OldTown where we helped cured some home sickness with some Malaysian delights.

A trip is not a trip if no photos were taken, so with our tummies filled we headed off to our next destination - Hosier Lane. Freshers got to bring back some memories (selfies) while also immersing themselves in Melbourne’s hipster scene.

Unfortunately there was a wedding shoot, and being the mannered kids that we are, we politely left the happy couple and headed to Federation Square where we took some group photos!

As the clock struck 2, though unwilling, we happily ended our 2017 Fresher’s Trip with tons of smiles and laughter. We had a blast and sincerely can’t wait till next year for a new batch of freshers to join us in MoMU! 

Written by Amanda Ong