Top 5 'To Die For' Brunch Spots

Hello there our ever-so-faithful readers. We are back at it with our "Food Diaries" series. This time, we'll be talking about the best thing that can happen to you - BRUNCH. 

Uni is back whether you like it or not,  and we hope you're keeping up! We're still in the (sort of) early stages of the sem, so why not embrace it now before the stress kicks in?  Today we’re back with more food recommendations for you to explore! It looks like SPRING has arrived early, so why not hang out with your friends and go for brunch! Why waste the opportunity you have right now being in the city well known for its brunch places? Go ahead and indulge in every single brunch shops there is before you have to head back to your homeland.

After scouring and trying practically every single brunch spot that popped up on our Instagram feeds, here are 5 of our favourite (in no particular order) brunch places that we we think are worth your time (and money).


It's time to make your way down to Richmond to try out Top Paddock's amazing hotcakes. They may be over-mentioned, but certainly aren't overrated. They serve good food here with a fantastic interior that would satisfy both your taste buds and your inner hipster. From hotcakes to soft shell crab burgers, what more can you ask for? Take a look at their full menu here.

Hop on the Route 12 (towards Victoria Gardens)   or Route 109  (towards Box Hill) tram along Collins St. Get off at stop 21-Church St/Victoria St and you will be a 1 minute walk away from the cafe.



You have been missing out on some serious foodgasm if you haven't tried Hammer & Tong's soft shell crab burgers [left pic]  (yes we are a big fan of that). 

They also serve an amazing French toast dish with salted caramel ice cream and duck egg [right pic]. Say what?! It was such a good combination and trust me, it was worth every calorie consumed. And, since its located in Fitzroy, you officially have a reason to dress up and be in with the hipster.

Take the Route 11 tram along Collins St towards West Preston and get of at Stop 17-Leicester St/Brunswick St. It will only be a 2 minute walk to your destination.



Here’s another brunch place located in Fitzroy that promises to serve you great tasting brunch.  Not only do they serve delicious coffee (hence the name) and brunch food, you can find Shortstop Donuts there as well. 

Bonus: Don’t forget to treat yourself to a scoop or two of gelato goodness from Messina which is just around the corner.

Take Route 11 tram towards West Preston via Brunswick St from and get off at Stop 16-Johnston St/Brunswick St. You'll need to walk about 10 minutes (aka exercise) to get there.



Lucky Penny is a café tucked up on Chapel St in Prahran that serves up Scandinavian  cuisine. You can train or tram there to indulge in some yummy brunch food ranging from ‘Breakfast of Champions’ [right pic]to ‘Waffle on Waffle’ [left pic]. Of course splurging on shopping would be at the back of your mind considering that you are at Chapel St. Well, unleash your inner shopaholic girls (and boys), its time to shop till you drop. Isn’t it our favourite form of cardio? 

Take the route 72 tram along Swanston St towards Camberwell. Get off at stop 31-Chapel St/Commercial Rd and Lucky Penny will be 7 minute walk away.



So, here’s another must-go-to brunch place and it is located in our dearest hipster suburb. Yes you guessed it right and no, we are not trying to make you move to Fitzroy, but everything there just seems to hit the jackpot. Breakfast Thieves is a fusion brunch with a south east Asian twist that will smack your taste buds at the right spot. 

Take the Route 11 tram along Collins St towards West Preston and get off at stop 17-Leicester St/Brunswick St. Isn't Route 11 such a popular route for brunch!? An 8 minute stroll and you’re there.

With heaps of brunch places available, it is almost impossible to list it all out for you to go brunch-hopping in a single post. Why don’t you take up on the 5 places we listed above and tell us what you think about it? 

Once again, we are not advertising on behalf of any of the  cafes above. We are just here to share what we love with you. Sharing is caring right? We believe so! And hope you do too.  Well that's it! Till our next post. Peace :)

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