The 8 types of tutors in Uni

By Wey Kit


Being in such a multicultural and diverse university, we are bound to encounter a wide assortment of tutors of all shapes, sizes and characteristics. We'll be listing a few that we've personally encountered and categorised.


1) The young and inexperienced one 

Sometimes you begin to question how he even graduated uni because of how unsure he is of what he's teaching.

2) The one that's nice to you

Until you get your grades back and realize that he's in fact not very nice at all with his grading.


3) The one with the foreign accent that you struggle to understand

When they start mixing their L's and R's, and you're like.


4) The one who expects you to know everything

He expects you to have read up and understood everything that you were GOING to learn in the current tute.



5) The one who makes things more difficult than they actually are

When you ask them about the magnitude of gravity, and they give you an explanation on general relativity. 



6) The one who tells you about their life


We totally didn't need to know about his drunk experience of trying to get that cute guy into his house. 

7) The one who is overly cheerful

When its week 12 and you're tryna Uni, but your tutor's cheerfulness got you like. 


8) The amazingly capable one

When you finally get a tutor that helps you understand things you never thought possible.


Have you had any tutors like these? Let us know in the comments on what other types of tutors you've encountered!