Surviving The Struggles of the New Semester

We highly recommend you do not just attend lectures on Week 1 and 12.

We highly recommend you do not just attend lectures on Week 1 and 12.

The struggle is real and the struggle is hard. You've now had the one month rejuvenation break for another intensive 12 weeks of cramming lectures and tutes into your head. But fret not, we’re here to help make sure you do not fail (although we are not a reliable source of information, just bear with us). To the JAFFYs , this will be useful when entering the first year of uni!

1. Compartmentalise Your Life

Sure we have all endured that waking up early in the morning to register for your classes  but ending up with the tutorials that you didn’t want. Because we all want that four-day weekend. Just stick to your timetable and actually follow through! 

At the end of they day though, YOU DO CAN ORGANISE YOUR OWN TIMETABLE.  If there's no attendance or participation marks taken for your lecture or tutorial, just attend another one that suits your timing - it doesn't matter as long as there's space to sit!

It may work for some, but most of the time, who would make the effort to listen to the recordings in the comfort of your home (instead of the new Orange is the new Black episode)? Just go for your lectures! You don't want to be in Week 12 realising you have so little time to listen to that massive lecture pile. Imagine 2 hours x 12 lectures x 4 subjects. That's 96 HOURS non-stop! The lesson is NOT to procrastinate people. This involves assignments as well. Do not postpone education (this the key to success).   

2. Do Not Get Lost

Many times, we've seen students entering into an Intro Microeconomics tutes and realising five minutes into the class that they're meant to be in another class. It's easy to lose your way around uni during your first few weeks, especially if your sense of direction is poor. Download the Lost on Campus app  to navigate your way through. If the app itself is hard to navigate,   just ask the fellow students (don't be shy)!

3. Do Not Be a Walking Debt


Control your budget. Cook. Buy secondhand textbooks. And ONLY if you need them! Being in a new place calls for freedom to spend on whatever you want. But trust us. You'll be good at the beginning of the month but  by the end of the month, the line “OMG sorry I can't go out coz I'm broke” will be repeated until your next pocket money comes in. 

4. Health Is the New Pink

Remember  (or at  least try) to get ample sleep. It is a rare find to get the full 8 hours of sleep let alone 5 hours, but don’t NOT sleep as well!  Remember to eat well (fruits and vegetables kids) and the usual three days of exercise (sleeping or Netflix marathons do  not count). 

Sleeping early and waking up early is also advisable. Just don't kill your body! It's not worth it! Since it's still currently winter, remember to bundle up and stay warm! And when spring comes, hay fever will be nigh so  just remember to watch out for your health. 

5. Get Social

It's time to stop living under a rock or locking yourself in DoTA-land. It's now the time in your life where the connections you make can last a lifetime. Here’s where MoMU can help (shameless advertising heh)! Come join us at our future events to meet new people and gain new experiences! That’s what uni is all about anyways -  self-growth and self-discovery in the next best x years of your life! We aren't asking you to forgo your mid-sem revision or not completing your assignment, but remember to meet people and just enjoy what's left of your education life! 


O-week has arrived and we will be setting up a booth at North Court this  Friday (24 July) from 11am to 3pm. Come meet some new friends, sign up as a member (many benefits await), or just get some fresh air. You can find out more about us on our website (which is what you're on right now) :)

Well, this is it. The practical guide to getting through a new semester. Oh and by the way, we just got Snapchat (say whuttt). Add us as a friend (momuians) or by snapping this cool snapcode. We'll be bringing you coverage from all our events so you won't have to feel left out if you can't make it!

We hope this new semester will be a bigger and brighter one for you. We're halfway through 2015! Make the most of it:)  

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