Home Stretch before FLYING HOME!

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Here’s a PSA we all need to hear right now- Week 11 is over and we’ve done a pretty damn good job keeping ourselves afloat throughout this hellish semester, so a pat on the back for that. Final assignments of the term are going through finishing touches, we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, giving our absolute all into this last week.

To those searching around corners looking for the last sliver of motivation to get them through the next weeks, here it is. You’ve made it THIS FAR. Whether you’ve been on track maintaining that LinkedIn-worthy WAM or if you haven’t, but you know you’ve put your best foot forward through every step back this semester- this is not the time to slow down. Full speed ahead ‘cause if you aren’t satisfied with how you’ve done, the exams are your last chance to redeem yourself. If it’s going to be 12 hours of studying a day from now, it is what it is. Everything seems impossible until it is done!


Nevertheless, exam season is the prime time for stress, breakdowns and everything bad that comes with a sleep-wake up-sleep-wake up cycle. Below is a little list put together on how to keep your mental health and overall health in check this Swotvac!

  1. Drink water. Yes coffee, sometimes boba, but also water. Not drinking enough (water) can cause minor headaches, overall tiredness and sore throat which is a recipe for disaster during study break and exams.

  1. Self reflect after every day. Write down stuff that made you happy, stuff that you’re proud of for achieving and stuff that you think you have to work on tomorrow or the day after.

  2. Have at least 30 minutes - 1 hour of downtime each day. You can only study so much for extended periods of time before the brain stops taking in information. Take a few moments to watch an entertaining YouTube video or indulge in a short and chill Netflix episode (Street Food is highly recommended!!)

  3. Take a walk. If incline-treadmill walking or smashing it out in the gym isn’t your thing- or even if it is, taking the long way home by walking can be the most therapeutic things to take your mind off study for a bit. It’s nice to be alone with your thoughts and soft music in your background as the bustle of the rest of the city continues on while you keep walking.

Remember to always go easy on yourself - because constantly pushing yourself to your very limits every day isn’t going to help your productivity. Go at your own pace, you’re doing great!


As the semester draws to a close, we’d like to thank you MoMU members for continuously supporting the club, attending our events and even just reading the blog posts put up. With everything said above, let’s do our very best and work hard to put a great end to the semester, whether its your first semester or for some, your last. If you haven’t gone to any of your lectures YET, time to show up and at least know how your lecturer looks like!