Relationships: the wah, the eh & the meh

Hey guys, after a long hiatus the blog is finally back!

Today we’ll be exploring the different types of relationships we see on a day-to-day. Think you’ve seen it all? Keep reading!

First we have:

  1. The lovebirds lovenerds

    “Ah girl, you see you keep dating that Jonathan boy ah, you no time for studies already! Last time your SPM result all A, now got boyfriend your marks all 60 something! I tell you, you better break up with him…”

    … the statement lovenerds don’t want to have with their parents, EVER. In order to counter that argument, they have decided that they will not get together at the expense of their grades. This means Baillieu dates every day after school, caffeine shots instead of tequila shots, and LectureCapture binge > Neftlix binge.

    Quotes that lovenerds live by - "Because we are together, we also get H1 together!”

  2. The PDA-ers

    PDA stands for public display of affection, which quickly becomes a public display of hate and disgust directed towards them from the people surrounding.

    And no, PDA haters are not salty. It’s because PDA is really gross, ESPECIALLY in an educational setting. Think this- a couple whispering in the library with their faces about 0.00376cm apart, the guy kisses the girl’s ear and twirls her hair, the girl can’t stop giggling. GUY, you’re only messing up her hair. GIRL, you’ve been laughing about the way he spelt “receivables” as “recievables” for 20 minutes, he ain’t cute he just stupid.

Also how is there no rule for strictly no making out on campus, IN PUBLIC??

3. The “WhaT- You guys are together???”

Some couples keep it SO lowkey, the big reveal only happens on one of their birthdays, or on Valentines Day. The guy from engineering you thought was single this whole time now has a cute girlfriend, and that’s just great because now you feel even worse about yourself.

* Tinder binge swipes for 6 hours*


4. The 𝓊𝓅𝓅𝑒𝓇𝒸𝓁𝒶𝓈𝓈 **

That friend who gets an angmo boyfriend/ girlfriend.

““ Lah who? I’m going to have cute halfie babies with like, a hyphenated surname like “Walters-Lee” and a hipster first name like Kym or Kombucha and no one can stop me. ““

**Just kidding they’re not ACTUALLY upperclass ok, it’s just a tease in case anyone comes at me for white supremacy).


5. The Basically Married

Live together, check.

Gone on a summer trip together an it “really changed us as a couple”, check.

Cook for each other on alternate nights (more than just pasta!), check.

Is home 25/7, only wears pyjamas, check.

This couple is usually super duper cute and most of the time, high school sweethearts or the couple you’ve shipped since first year and “knew they would get together someday”.

6. The Moving Too Fast

Soooo the guy your best friend half mentioned of during your weekly catch up brunch is now her lock screen.


As you struggle to recover from the shock, you hear her mutter in the background “…but he’s vegetarian, so I’m not sure how the meals are gonna work out at the wedding dinner then…”


Before you know it, half of your Facebook friends are friends with the guy as well, and she’s met the parents. Meanwhile, you’re still trying to pronounce his last name.

Aaand that concludes the end of the post!! Stay tuned for the next one :)


Home Stretch before FLYING HOME!

timetable gap.jpg

Here’s a PSA we all need to hear right now- Week 11 is over and we’ve done a pretty damn good job keeping ourselves afloat throughout this hellish semester, so a pat on the back for that. Final assignments of the term are going through finishing touches, we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, giving our absolute all into this last week.

To those searching around corners looking for the last sliver of motivation to get them through the next weeks, here it is. You’ve made it THIS FAR. Whether you’ve been on track maintaining that LinkedIn-worthy WAM or if you haven’t, but you know you’ve put your best foot forward through every step back this semester- this is not the time to slow down. Full speed ahead ‘cause if you aren’t satisfied with how you’ve done, the exams are your last chance to redeem yourself. If it’s going to be 12 hours of studying a day from now, it is what it is. Everything seems impossible until it is done!


Nevertheless, exam season is the prime time for stress, breakdowns and everything bad that comes with a sleep-wake up-sleep-wake up cycle. Below is a little list put together on how to keep your mental health and overall health in check this Swotvac!

  1. Drink water. Yes coffee, sometimes boba, but also water. Not drinking enough (water) can cause minor headaches, overall tiredness and sore throat which is a recipe for disaster during study break and exams.

  1. Self reflect after every day. Write down stuff that made you happy, stuff that you’re proud of for achieving and stuff that you think you have to work on tomorrow or the day after.

  2. Have at least 30 minutes - 1 hour of downtime each day. You can only study so much for extended periods of time before the brain stops taking in information. Take a few moments to watch an entertaining YouTube video or indulge in a short and chill Netflix episode (Street Food is highly recommended!!)

  3. Take a walk. If incline-treadmill walking or smashing it out in the gym isn’t your thing- or even if it is, taking the long way home by walking can be the most therapeutic things to take your mind off study for a bit. It’s nice to be alone with your thoughts and soft music in your background as the bustle of the rest of the city continues on while you keep walking.

Remember to always go easy on yourself - because constantly pushing yourself to your very limits every day isn’t going to help your productivity. Go at your own pace, you’re doing great!


As the semester draws to a close, we’d like to thank you MoMU members for continuously supporting the club, attending our events and even just reading the blog posts put up. With everything said above, let’s do our very best and work hard to put a great end to the semester, whether its your first semester or for some, your last. If you haven’t gone to any of your lectures YET, time to show up and at least know how your lecturer looks like!



Easter Break, not Breakdown!

With deadlines looming over us, thank goodness we were sent a special something called Easter Break to push all of those back by a week. Easter Break gotchu fam.

easter blog promo.jpg

Instead of basking in the pool of procrastination until the panic and anxiety kick in, GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF and plan these precious seven-ish days well because as soon as they’re over, it’s Week 8. Then you’ll blink once and before you know it, the red carpet would have been rolled out for the VIP of your semester - the hellish Week 12. Yup. Time to hustle.

The perfect Easter Break can be broken down into a simple formula, i.e.

Screenshot (140).png

Below we have broken down the formula into its three core components along pro tips for smashing each of them ;)


If you’re going to be studying a whole lot in one week, you’d want to mix it up a little, rather than dragging your sleepy self to the same measly corner in the library where no one can hear you snacking. Right? Here are a few conducive places to get back to the grind.

Arts West study atrium

Arts West study atrium

  1. Baillieu Library Level 2

    • The OG library floor. My soft spot. Its not too bright, plenty of study spaces and the abundance of power ports has me going all heart eyes over this part of the library. One of the quiet libraries listed here.

  2. Cosy corners in Arts West

    • For those who need to have a quick chat with their friend/ prefers white noise rather than dead silence, Arts West offers the same level of cosy combined with a more chill vibe as well as really cute light fit outs and seating. However you’d want to get here quick because spaces run out quicker than BTS concert tickets. Warning.

  3. Starbucks

    • Are WiFi and coffee your two staples for effective study? SB’s here to provide, along with a chill ambiance where you can drown your thoughts in passers by and the aroma of roasted coffee beans wafting from the counter. Keep a lookout for their regular specials ($3 sweet treats from 3pm, B1F1 hot chocolate on Tuesdays etc).

  4. City Library Melbourne

    • If you’re looking for a change of “scenery”, City Library is a good place to check out. Tucked away in Flinders Lane, it’s a spot not everyone will stumble upon. Nevertheless as a public library, it’s great environment to study and is literally steps away from rows and rows of restaurants, cafes and dessert places around Degraves St. They also have a designated quiet room so quiet you’d even make a sound from moving in your seat.

  5. Kathleen Syme Library

    • Those of you staying around uni and Carlton, head over to Kathleen Syme Library. Often walked past, not many realize this historical-looking building is a full-fledged, fully equipped library. It has a nice lounge area, a quiet room and even tables outside for the warmer autumn days when you’d rather be around nature and a calming breeze. A stone’s throw from Lygon St with a myriad of dinner options to treat yourself after a day of study.


No one can work 25/7 without playing and loosening up a little - and I’m not even going to mention that saying about Jack being a dull boy. Whether you’ve got 2-3 days or just an evening to let your hair down, there’ll be something for you.

  1. Apollo Bay

  • Just a little less than 3 hours’ drive away, Apollo Bay is a scenic getaway where the fun doesn’t stop at the photo taking session for Instagram. There are koalas to be spotted, the historic Cape Otway Lighthouse and even a 2 km treetop walk over a 30 m treetop canopy walkway that is the longest and tallest walkway of its type in the world. And did I mention freshly caught seafood straight from ocean to plate?

2. B. Lucky and Sons

  • The iconic Asian-inspired arcade that serves up alcoholic bubble tea. That is all. Be prepared to spend on lots of drinks and endless rounds of taking a chance on the arcade games available. You can find it at the top floor of Melbourne Central.

3. Melbourne Zoo

  • Zoos always take me back to my childhood, and I think that it’s a really good way to escape the stress of growing older and having responsibilities pile up by the day. Let the waddling penguins and sleepy koalas take your troubles away for the day. Tickets aren’t too expensive either.


4. Suburb exploring

  • All too familiar with the CBD yet never stepped a foot out of the city? Melbourne has many suburban gems not too far from the city centre, so if a long car ride is not your thing, you can get to any of the mentioned ‘burbs below by public transport! It almost feels like traveling to a completely new place, as each of these suburbs has an entirely different vibe compared to the city!

    • South Yarra

      An almost boutique-like suburb, South Yarra is home to many of the best brunch spots in Melbourne. The iconic long stretch of Chapel St is a melting pot of diverse cuisines and tastes. There are all kinds of food places, op-shops and designer/ non-designer boutiques in a street-mall setting. Not to mention seeing a doggo every block. By night, it transforms to become a culinary hub bustling bar scene including LGBT friendly ones.

    • Richmond

      Say hi to one of the Vietnamese precincts in Melbourne (the least shady compared to Footscray and Springvale)! Along Victoria St you will find an array of Vietnamese restaurants to choose from, including dedicated supermarkets, butchers, grocers, bakeries and more. Yes, this is pho real! This is one mint suburb. After the banh mi crawl, take any tram that goes all the way down Victoria St to stop at IKEA where you can spend another few hours looking through impeccable house furnishings and the iconic IKEA photo… need I say more?

    • Box Hill

      Get transported to China. It’s even more legit than Chinatown, or Swanston St because this is where all the real Chinese at. Chinatown who? We’re talking amazing Asian food - authentic Peking duck, dumplings, amazing roast meats, Sichuan cuisine, hotpot, dimsum, boba, Hong Kong treats, EVERYTHING. Almost everyone around here is Asian, and signs are all in Chinese. This place is just a food escapade though, there isn’t anything much to do besides eat.

    • Fitzroy

      Another must-go, Fitzroy is the epitome of hipster meets grunge and artsy. Featuring a slew of vegan, vegetarian options as well as interesting fusion places, you’ll also spend a lot of your time browsing through vintage articles and snapping street art better than Hosier Lane, all while holding a crumbly Lune croissant in your hand.



With 7 days off uni, there’s finally time to catch up with that friend you’ve been meaning to make a date with, but had a schedule that disagreed. And what better way to cry over uni sorrows than over a cup of coffee as black as your future, and a beautiful brunch spread to contrast with how your life is falling apart? Here are some unique places to have that meal/ cuppa.

  1. Bentwood, Fitzroy

    Luxuriously spacious (think floor to ceiling windows) in an industrial setting is what Bentwood is about, complemented by food that hits the spot every time.

  2. One Plus Piece, Balwyn

    A cute anime-themed cafe serving up delicious burgers, poke bowls, thick shakes and alcoholic freak shakes.

  3. Third Wave Cafe, Port Melbourne

    That video you always see on Facebook with the huge platters of BBQ ribs and crazy loaded fries? This is the one. BBQ stands for Better Be Quick to make that booking, or you may not get a seat!


4. Drumplings, CBD

Dumplings with a fun (and sometimes, wacky) twist. Get ready to try their signature drumplings with fillings like beef rendang, cheeseburger and pepperoni pizza (other than the regular fillings)! Don’t be taken aback though, the people know what they’re doing. A gorgeous neon pink purple lighting welcomes you as you enter.

5. Son in Law, Collingwood

Besides the regular Thai offerings, SIL has adorable Winnie The Pooh, Pikachu and Sanrio custard buns, drinks served with a huge cloud of cotton candy on top as well as milk tea served in little light bulb shaped cups!

6. Mork Chocolate Brew House, North Melbourne

Artisan hot chocolate has another name- and that’s Mork. If chocolate runs through your veins, head over to this professional chocolate brewer where you can tweak your hot chocolate based on different percentages of cocoa intensity. They also have the signature Campfire set, which is a theatrical recreation of a campfire scene that comes with toasted marshmallow, hot chocolate and an overturned cup of smoke for you to put together.

Now that you’re all set, remember to keep your priorities in check and make this the best Easter break you’ve ever had. Time to enjoy the holidays aaaand let’s get that roti!!

The Truth about Tutorials

Okay, so it’s almost the end of Week 3 and tutorials have long started- BUT IT’S ALL FOR THE BETTER. As long as you know how to make the most out of them!


From an introvert’s point of view, tutorials are simply a mandatory hour or two where you battle your social anxiety, finding the nerve to talk to the person next to you, shivering internally rehearsing your answer in your head in case you get asked.

From an extrovert’s point of view however, tutorials are slightly more exciting than lectures just because you get to sync tutes with friends, have a chat and overall be involved in a more engaging and hands on learning experience, although occasionally the chat gets in the way of most of the learning.

lit kermit.jpg

Instead of looking at opposite sides of the spectrum, it ‘s really important to maintain a good balance between both personalities to maximize tutorial time.

In my first year, I would dread tutorials simply because I was too self-conscious to make mistakes and have them noticed by tutors and tutorial mates. A lack of confidence led me to being easily intimidated by fellow peers, and it didn’t help that I was shy. Needless to say, my approach towards tutorials didn’t get me very good grades.

Fast forward to second year, I decided to look at tutorials differently and gradually my WAM started to look happier and healthier. Instead of imagining the tute room as a daunting space where students attempted to exert their dominance (haha) by demonstrating how many questions they could answer correctly, I pictured it as a class where all of us were keen to learn and most importantly, that we were all on the same level and ready to learn from each other. This is crucial for self growth especially when you tend to compare yourself to others, low-key pitting yourself against your friends. Learn from extroverts to be confident with whatever knowledge you have as everyone has different education backgrounds and IQ levels. Besides that, you do not have to be super outspoken, you just have to be bold to ask questions when there is something you don’t understand. Be energetic and enthusiastic about what you are learning as a positive approach will make you enjoy even the topics that you find most difficult and boring.

Remember to take from introverts their qualities as well - be humble in tutorials and naturally people will be more inclined to approach you. You don’t have to answer every question the tutor poses, whether you know them or not. Others may be shy and are working up the courage to raise up their hand. Listening to different people give their opinions and answers help stick better in your memory.

Tutorial work are probably the closest thing we get to exercises, workbook homework activities and “latih tubi” we used to do in high school, so attend them as much as you can. And if you’re afraid to take the first step to making friends with people from your tutorial, keep in mind that everyone there feels the same way. So go say hi next week, its never too late! :)

Being a Budget Barbie (and Ken!)

bank account.jpg

Everyone dreams of having Insta-worthy uni #ootd's to post every day-  however reality is that hoodies and sweats are so much easier to slip on when you only have 5 minutes to rush out the door. AND when your bank balance is being all threatening with its single digits. Rude.

Here's a little guide to getting affordable and decent uni gear so you can look *cute* *fresh* and get them stares.


First things first, Unidays. If you haven't got it, search it up on the App Store. And download it now. Basically by getting your student ID verified you can enjoy tons of discounts and promotions (not limited to retail stores but also cafes etc!) from a variety of stores, both instore and online!!

If you think about throwing some of your old clothes out, think again! A lot of clothes can be restyled to look even better and may even keep up with today's trends!

E.g. If some of your jeans don’t end where you want them to, grab a pair of scissors and cut the ends off to give them raw hems! (TRENDY!!) And frayed hems are STILL a fashion statement, so no loss there! If you've got a stubborn stain, see if you can hide it by ripping or distressing the area. Otherwise in a worst case scenario, cut them out into shorts instead :-)

Got an overized button up shirt? Open up the top buttons and pull them over your shoulders, like you would do with an off shoulder top! This style can be really flattering. You can also crop it, make it a tie wrap top or even cut it up into a short sleeve flowy shirt that you can tuck into your shorts or jeans - perfect!!

Into vintage styles? Melbourne has a ton of op shops you can visit that sell second hand clothes, cute 80s era accessories, even some designer goods starting at $5! It may be the perfect place you find Pink Floyd band tees, mom jeans or a funky sweater. You could potentially snag some really adorable stuff and the price is just a bonus :)

Here are just SOME places you can go thrift shopping:

thrift shop.jpg

1. Salvos Stores

- 69 Bourke St, Melbourne

2. Camberwell Sunday Market

3. Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop

- Riversdale Road & Glenferrie Road

Last but not least, if there's one place you HAVE to visit, its DFO!!

Short for direct factory outlet, there are two close to Melbourne CBD, which are Spencer Street DFO and DFO South Wharf! The Spencer Street is a smaller outlet and doesn't have the range that South Wharf boasts, but it does have Bardot which is one store that the South Wharf one doesn't. Otherwise, head to South Wharf ASAP to bag all the good deals from Nike, Adidas (yes it's hypebeast friendly!), Vans, Forever New, Windsor Smith to name a few and even designer brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Coach. Be prepared -  you may spend a good 3-4 hours there… don’t say we didn't warn you!

AND of course, keep your eyes peeled for sales! Happy shopping and hopefully get noticed and making it to Melbourne Uni's photoshoots! ;)

What's In My (Uni) Bag!

Hey MoMUians - especially to those of you about to embark on your journey of a lifetime, here are the bare essentials you need for uni!

1 - A bag.. but what kind

An ideal bag would be something not too bulky, especially if you're one of those who squeeze in a packed tram to get to uni! Totes and regular backpacks (not the padded laptop kinds) should be a good choice. Something big and strong enough to fit your laptop! Also nothing too expensive (personal choice) as table corners, whiteboard dusters, random spills and dirt aren't the most forgiving toward your gorgeous MK tote :(

2 - Laptop/ tablet

With the LMS and everything online, bringing your laptop is a big DUH! Unless your laptop is pretty heavy and you don't have an iPad, relying on uni computers isn't the BEST idea especially during peak study periods as sessions go up to >3 hours. If you absolutely must though, you can reserve one of them on BookIt. If your laptop is notorious for dying prematurely at 40%, lugging your charger may be worth it as power ports are pretty much scattered all over campus.

3 - Non- crunchy snacks

lib meme.jpg

If you're someone whose tummy is almost always rumbling, leave a few snacks you can chew on in your bag. Mints/ gum help to keep you from falling asleep in boring lectures and granola bars are an excellent study snack for the library. (Odourless foods should be allowed in the library and lecture halls). Just remember to stay away from chips, crackers and hot food when in the library to avoid turning heads and the occasional death stare.

rain meme.jpg

4 - Umbrella/ raincoat

Melbourne is known for its four-seasons-in-a-day kind of weather, so its best to come prepared. Especially when you're rushing from the Spot to the main campus for back-to-back tutorials, drenched hair and socks is not really an option. Missed lectures and tutorials to wait out a heavy downpour- been there, done that. Narrator: It was not worth it.

5 - A (empty) water bottle

Don't bother filling your bottles up and having to carry 600ml to uni. Water fountains are located conveniently throughout campus so you never have to worry about having to ration out your last 100ml for the next 2 hours. If you're not even a water bottle person, skip this one and just quench your thirst straight from the taps on the fountains.

6 - Student card


If you don't have a printer at home, you can log in to Unicard, UniMelb's online printing website with your credentials, upload your documents there and print from any uni printer with the tap of your student card. Just remember to top up your card from one of the machines or online. Your student card also renders you swipe access to after-hour zones in the libraries - Baillieu for a more laid-back atmosphere, Law Library’s near dead-silence if you thrive on others’ focus and stress to keep yourself from slacking and Giblin Eunson for super comfortable seats and a darker setting.

7 - Miscellaneous stuff

Notebooks, pens and highlighters for the visual learners. While OneNote is becoming the conventional way to take notes, most swear by old-school writing and drawing diagrams to better engage the mind and enhance information retention. If mind maps are your thing, MindNode5 is a great app to do them on. And don’t forget your USB cable to charge your phone when the battery's running low - P.S. Your friends will love you for this.

Feel free to bring whatever else you want to of course, and have a great first few weeks at uni!

Semester Recap

Semester Recap

With a hectic semester behind us, it’s finally time to have a well-deserved break to recharge for the rest of the year. Whether this was your very first term in Melbourne, or the beginning of the end of your Bachelors, each semester is a new adventure each time. MoMU hopes that despite the stress of juggling your academics, health, and social life, you have a sense of accomplishment, because you should be proud of what you’ve achieved the past few months, as MoMU has as well.